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Thom Sharp

Thom Sharp is an Associate Professor at the University of Bristol, UK. Thom’s lab combines structural and synthetic biology to investigate the human immune system, as well as developing equipment, tools and methods to perform super-resolution light microscopy on samples prepared for cryoEM.

Thom was originally trained as a Biochemist before performing his PhD in Chemistry, at the University of Bristol, UK. His first postdoc was in Oxford, where he combined DNA nanotechnology with structural biology using cryoEM, and he then moved to Leiden, where applied his structural biology expertise to components of the complement system. In Leiden, Thom was awarded numerous grants and awards, including an ERC starting grant in 2017. In 2024, Thom moved his research back to Bristol, where his lab is focussed on in situ structural biology of various complexes involved in human immunity, including pentraxins, antibodies, and complement components, and how these structures can be used to inspire therapeutics.

Antibody Architectures and Interfaces: Nature’s Guide to Biotherapeutic Engineering

Monoclonal antibodies have delivered enormous impact for the treatment of diseases and consequently have become one of the most highly engineered protein families. The most clinically successful enhancements to antibody drugs have been modest mutational modifications of natural interactions. A corollary is that the discovery of new antibody interfaces creates new opportunities for biotherapeutic engineering. Our work capitalizes on naturally occurring interactions within antibodies, in a manner that relies on their high sequence and structural homology for design, to create new and generalizable tools for optimization of this important biotherapeutic class.

The Antibody Series
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