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Jannick Bendtsen


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Jannick Bendtsen

Jannick is co-founder and CEO of PipeBio, a leading bioinformatics platform catering to pharmaceutical and biotech companies engaged in antibody and therapeutic peptide research.

Jannick holds a MSc in molecular biology and a PhD in bioinformatics and has an impressive scientific profile with more than 12,000 citations. Accumulating more than 17 years of experience in the bioinformatics industry, he has been an integral part of successful companies such as CLC bio, QIAGEN, and Biomatters.

Currently, Jannick leads an exceptionally innovative enterprise that envisions the cure of life-altering diseases like cancer and COVID-19. Through a cutting-edge bioinformatics platform powered by machine learning, PipeBio enables pharmaceutical drug companies to accelerate the development of high-quality antibodies, thereby revolutionizing the industry.

An integrated bioinformatics platform for antibody discovery: Advancing data-driven decision making for therapeutic candidate selection

The Antibody Series
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