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Claudia Chiocchini


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Claudia Chiocchini

Claudia Chiocchini, R&D Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, specializes in synthetic biology, particularly gene synthesis and antibody production. Leading a dedicated team, Claudia focuses on developing products to improve the expression and purification of classical antibodies, antibody fragments, and multi-specific formats.

Unleashing the Power of Automation for High Throughput Antibody Synthesis

The discovery and optimization of antibodies, whether through traditional methods or with the assistance of artificial intelligence, necessitates rapid and reliable data generation. Here we introduce a high-throughput semi-automated platform for synthesizing microgram amounts of monoclonal antibodies.

Our platform seamlessly integrates DNA normalization, transfection, antibody purification, and buffer exchange within our Manufacturing Execution System, ensuring comprehensive traceability throughout the entire workflow. Our data showcases excellent inter and intra-batch reproducibility, ensuring consistent and reliable results. These outcomes render our platform ideal for training machine learning algorithms to predict desirable antibody features.

Overall, our streamlined and efficient approach addresses the increasing demand for monoclonal antibodies, facilitating advancements in therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

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